Industry Engagements
The NETCOM Industry Engagement Team appreciates and looks forward to working with our industry partners in developing constructive relationships in support of our Lines of Effort: Readiness, People, and Continued Improvement. Companies interested in working with our organization are encouraged to use the guidance below to coordinate their initial meeting with our team to review their products, services, and capabilities through presentations, product demonstrations, and/or briefings. The information provided will be used to evaluate each solution in a transparent manner to ensure equal access and uniform consideration within our command.
Engagement Instructions

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Industry Engagement
Meeting Expectations
  1. Initial meeting is virtual and 15 minutes. The meeting is a focused discussion and introduction to your company and highlights products, capabilities, and services.
  2. Provide a copy of prepared presentations 48 hours prior. Additional information is welcome and encouraged.
  3. Confirm scheduled meeting. Cancellations happen, we can and will reschedule. Please be flexible as well.
  4. Your information, presentation, and any additional details will be provided to the NETCOM command for their review.
  5. After the initial meeting, we will contact you if there is an interest in additional engagements.
Contact Information
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